Who we are

Much has happened since QMH was founded in 2011. The number of employees has grown from 2 to 12. We work from the gates of Hamburg, flying around the world for our customers.

We are a consultancy firm and now a leading provider of quality optimisation and organisational development solutions.

What we do

To put it simply: We are not cocky. However, we can do just about everything that needs to be done in industry. With our team of engineers, certified auditors, technical editors and business economists, we are in a position to solve almost any job that customers require. And if not, we know the right people to help us with it.

We have no set template for handling customer requirements. We work together with you to create customised, integrated processes. We always work with a vision: We not only look at solving tasks, but also honestly say if something implemented will not lead to success. Consultancy, auditing and training work together seamlessly in various cases.

What we do differently

Firstly: We clearly analyse the needs of our customers. What they need and what they don’t.

Secondly: We are specialists for the German and international market. We have refined our portfolio down to four product groups.

Thirdly: We don’t attempt to maximise profits by spending maximum time on-site. Our back office allows us to spend less time on-site. This reduces costs and drains on your time.

Fourthly: We are happy to say no. To orders which cannot be properly fulfilled to our standards.

Fifthly: We enjoy our work and look forward to a sincere thank you.

What our work means to us

When it comes to work, we mean flat hierarchies, cooperative and project-oriented management, responsible work on part of our employees with the necessary “thinking outside of the box”. This requires a high level of qualification and responsibility on our part.

We like to learn and keep learning. At QMH, regular ongoing training and lifelong learning are real principles. Everyone is encouraged to bring their individual strengths and competencies to the company. Everyone should be comfortable with their work. Our work is characterised by fun, integrity, value and a true feedback culture in addition to our personal work.

And there is more: Employees, customers and other business contacts are never discriminated based on gender, race, ethnic or cultural origin, religion or world view, age, mental or physical disabilities or sexual orientation. An honest and respectful approach to all is a basic requirement when working in our company.