415: Update - the new FMEA handbook


2 days


  • Design-FMEA, Process-FMEA, FMEA-MSR
  • Methodology compliant usage of the 7 steps
-Preparation (and focussing)
-Structure analysis
-Function analysis
-Failure analysis
-Risk rating
-Documentation (and reporting)
  • Rating of Task Priority (TP) by a constistent rating catalogue
  • FMEA iin the Product Realization Process (PRP)
  • Basic and variant Management by use of the FMEA
  • Group works – usage of the 7 steps

LernzieleLearning outcome:

  • Knowledge and efficient and goal-driven usage of the FMEA methodology according to VDA/AIAG.
  • Extension of methodology knowledge
  • Usage by oneself of the methodology in the work environment of product and/or process development
  • Overview on the scope and the integration of the FMEA methodology in the PRP

Zielgruppe Target group:

Participants of FMEA meetings and future FMEA moderators in quality, development, construction and production processes

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