The new FMEA handbook

In a few weeks, the new FMEA handbook will be released after a long wait. What‘s new and what changes, additional tasks and simplifications for your company are provided by the new standard? We reveal it to you!

Wherefore a new harmonized version of the FMEA?

Even if the principles of the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) are the same worldwide, two competitive standards and handbooks are existing: On one hand the ‘red book” of the German ‘Verband der Automobilindustrie’ (VDA), on the other hand the handbook from the US ‘Automotive Industry Action Group’ (AIAG). These two differ in important details like risk rating, rating tables or distinctions. Especially for suppliers with European AND American customers, this fact leads on significant overheads, duplication of work and a significant failure cause.

After a long-lasting tug war between the factions and a ‘yellow book’ in November 2017 that has been withdrawn afterwards, the working group members have stroken on the harmonized FMEA ‘red book’ now.

The most important changes of the FMEA harmonization

  • One unique worldwide FMEA standard with identical terms and a common ‘red book’.
  • Instead of the five steps of the former handbooks according to VDA/AIAG, seven steps are in place now – including the new steps 1 ‘preparation’ and 7 ‘documentation’ (and reporting)
  • Common rating catalogues according to VDA/AIAG
  • The Risk Priority Number (RPN) will be substituted by the ‘Task Priority’ (TP) with traffic light system. On the one hand this prevents intentional ‘down-calculating’ of the RPN to pass thresholds and on the other hand thy traffic light system eases the FMEA handling
  • New harmonized FMEA forms with additional content
  • The classification column for marking special characteristics is given up for Design-FMEAs
  • Implementation of MSR (Monitoring System Response) as an additional FMEA review for the Design-FMEA

We will be glad to support you by our leading FMEA experts in Germany in the implementation resp. update of the new FMEA standard


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