440: Process-FMEA


1 day


  • Purpose and objectives of Process-FMEA
  • Different characteristics of Process-FMEAs regarding to system and construction
  • Phases and practice of setting-up and conduct a Process-FMEA
  • Necessary information input and team assembling
  • Embedding of a Process-FMEA in systems and construction during the product realization process
  •  Handling of special characteristics
  • Interaction between Process-FMEA and requirement management, problem solving process (e.g. 8D report) and inspection planning

LernzieleLearning outcome:

  • Overview of opportunities, in which a Process-FMEA is useful for employees in daily work
  • Insight in the expediency of Process-FMEAs in development and construction
  • Overview of practical application of the method during product development and the respective risk avoidance
  • Insight in the opportunities to transfer the ‘lessons learned’  to future tasks

Zielgruppe Target group:

Employees who join FMEA meetings and future FMEA moderators from quality units and production planning (manufacturing, assembly and logistics)

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