150: Lessons Learned


1 day


  • Definition of lessons learned
  • Documentation and structuring of lessons learned
  • Knowledge management
  • Resources for lessons learned
  • Communication of lessons learned

LernzieleLearning outcome:

  • Overview on the question what lessons learned are and how they can be identified and used
  • Insight in knowledge management
  • Overview on how lessons learned can be structured and communicated

Zielgruppe Target group:

Quality Representatives and Manager, SQM, Plant QM, internal and external auditors, members of improvement teams, experts

PreisPrice (net):

In Helmond/Netherlands: 250 Euro per person (min. 8 participants)

Inhouse in your premises: Metropolitan area of Helmond/Netherlands: 1.350 Euro plus travel expenses, otherwise 1.450 Euro plus travel expenses (max. 15 participants)


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