Product safety and risk management Confronting risks with a system

What does risk management achieve? How are defined project objectives guided with regards to function, costs, deadlines and quality? How can we work together to secure your businesses and avert risks?

QMH employs highly qualified specialists who combine their practical industrial experience with sound knowledge. We understand all of the processes, factors and risks involved in your productions. As consultants, we therefore know exactly how to guarantee successful risk management for your company with analytical methods.

We our notable by our absence. This is because we believe that the best advice does not always have to take place on-site. In our back office, we internally discuss your questions and reach effective results. This therefore significantly reduces costs for you, since no travel is involved and only actual consultancy time is calculated. We do not unnecessarily tie up your capacities on-site; however, we are available for you to contact at any time.


Enhance your expert knowledge with QMH. During our trainings, our experts train you and your employees in important matters - like audits, product safety and risk or product management.

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