Process audits pursuant to VDA 6.3 - Improve processes with a 3rd party

How is the quality capabilityof special products or product groups assessed? How can these processes be more efficiently designed and optimised? During planning and product processes, how is stability regarding disturbances achieved - and securely?

The audit specialists in QMH allow you to benefit from expert knowledge. Our 3rd party auditorscarry out targeted process audits pursuant to VDA 6.3, significantly contributing to improving your operational processes. We offer concrete value for your business. Whether during the product development process, a series production, service development process or provision of the corresponding service.

Process audits for service providers

By carrying out process audits pursuant to VDA 6.6, we also support you with qualification of suppliers as well as assessment of services. QMH Consulting analyses and evaluates the specific process requirements of your service company in the automobile industry: Dealerships, garages, engineering offices and logistics companies.


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