Audits: Putting project development to the test

Conducting audits is one of our fastest growing areas. In the past year alone, we reviewed the quality capability of companies with over 250 system audits, process audits and supplier audits.

Auditing is an important tool for making projects safer and more successful. Using our vast experience, we assess product development projects and audit project management and development. We know how to apply and develop methods consistently. Our engineers are certified auditors with many years of global expertise. We know from experience what the weak points in a process are. As a result, we can also detect faults. This means we can plan, prepare and follow-up on valuable projects to the highest standards.

Moreover, we are informed about developments on the market - or work directly on them. Up-to-date and paramount for the next two years: At the end of 2016, a new version of the automative standard ISO/TS 16949 will be released and called IATF 16949. We can certify your business until 2018 under the new guidelines.


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