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Risk management is first and foremost prevention: avoiding that risks become problems. Because only then can your business work and you can evolve.

Our working principle.

We always think of risk management as an integral process with a view to other areas such as: Quality management or PDP (product development process), to name just a few. Basically, the management system is based on what’s known as the PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act).


The automotive market is changing. How can we stay mobile in terms of resources in the future? How do we deal with alternatives to the combustion engine? Electric vehicles are no longer uncommon on the road. As part of various FMEA methods, we help you to identify and reduce risks in time.

The topics "autonomous driving" and "driver assistance systems" are also becoming increasingly important as digitalization advances. Our experts will also take a close look at your quality management.

The new FMEA handbook

On June 3, 2019 the new FMEA manual appeared after a long wait. What’s new and what changes, additional tasks, and simplifications does the new standard bring you for your business? Our Germany-wide leading FMEA experts will gladly assist you with the introduction or conversion of the new FMEA standard. One of them participated in writing the handbook!

We’ll make you a specialist.

FMEA Moderation

We help you to set up your FMEAs, if you wish, completely on-site or after a kick-off, also remotely (moderation via Web Meeting). Regardless of whether it involves design or process, MSR, logistics, or machine FMEA, the moderation and the subsequent structure of the FMEA always follows the methodical seven steps: Incidentally, regardless of whether you’re using German or English-language software.

What added value do we offer you?

We focus on efficiency: We provide you with an effective and fast FMEA implementation with simultaneous maximum product and process optimization. In this way, we can significantly free up your technical experts through good preparation at all analysis steps. We aspire to moderate or accompany FMEAs in such a way that we make ourselves “superfluous” as soon as possible. We always try to think in terms of base/mother FMEAs and standardize where we can. Just as with the introduction of a risk analysis, we also adapt an existing FMEA to the individual criteria, norms, and situations of your company or your industry.

FMEA consulting, project planning, and standardization

Minimize risks. Strengthen business relationships. Efficiency. Efficiency. Efficiency

Trust is good. Control is better because it strengthens confidence. This is especially true in today’s times of constant change in companies and their environment. A methods-compliant and standards-compliant FMEA, which efficiently, consistently, and continuously reduces the risks in your procedures and systems, therefore forms the basis of your company’s success and, with state-of-the-art technology, ensures documentation that is expected to relieve you of product liability, because it not only gives you safety, but also your customers and partners as well.

Before risks become problems.

We work to make your risk management more efficient and effective. That means consistently and continuously developing the potential for quality, costs, and resources with an FMEA standardized for you. And we always have issues like human resources and deadlines in mind. In particular, it is important to us to ensure that we incorporate the points in time of FMEA creation profitably into the product development process and always aspire to ensure the FMEA theme, including identifying causes of errors and integrating a systematic error resolution process.

Your FMEA by QMH

We work with your experts on equal terms. Analytical methods such as FMEA or FTA are applied in practice to your individual company and industry standards.

As insiders: engineers, experts in VDA topics, and practitioners with many years of expertise in the automotive industry, we know the different processes along with their risk potential.




Q : What are the key steps of an FMEA?

The key steps include identifying, analyzing, evaluating, and defining measures to reduce risk and monitoring risk measures.

Q : What is the goal of an FMEA by QMH?

Our goal is not only to minimize your risks and increase safety, but also to permanently eliminate causes and thus to support your progress.

Q : For which areas is it suitable?

Parts/components, processes (including product development process), functional safety, and product safety as well as software systems

Q : What is the harmonized version of the FMEA for?

Previously, the volumes differed on essential points such as risk assessment, etc. For subcontractors with European and American customers, this meant, among other things, a considerable amount of extra work. After long tug-of-war between the groups involved, the members of the working group agreed on the harmonized FMEA as a handbook. Thanks to it, for example, there are joint evaluation catalogs according to VDA/AIAG.



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