Product safety and risk management confronting risks with a system


What does risk management achieve? How are defined project objectives guided with regards to function, costs, deadlines and quality? How can we work together to secure your businesses and avert risks?

QMH employs highly qualified specialists who combine their practical industrial experience with sound knowledge. We understand all of the processes, factors and risks involved in your productions. As consultants, we therefore know exactly how to guarantee successful risk management for your company with analytical methods.

The new FMEA handbook

On the 3rd June 2019, the new FMEA handbook has been released after a long wait. What‘s new and what changes, additional tasks and simplifications for your company are provided by the new standard? We reveal it to you!

Wherefore a new harmonized version of the FMEA?

Even if the principles of the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) are the same worldwide, two competitive standards and handbooks are existing: On one hand the ‘red book” of the German ‘Verband der Automobilindustrie’ (VDA), on the other hand the handbook from the US ‘Automotive Industry Action Group’ (AIAG). These two differ in important details like risk rating, rating tables or distinctions. Especially for suppliers with European AND American customers, this fact leads on significant overheads, duplication of work and a significant failure cause.

FMEA as an integral building block

Detecting errors - as early as possible. We engineers achieve this using a failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA). In this way, we can increase the productivity and efficiency of your business in all industrial processes.

We always think further ahead. For us, FMEA is not an isolated approach but rather an integral component of each professional product development process (PDP). It is also an important feature of our quality management, which is individually enhanced and combined using additional components such as lean production and QM planning.

We focus on you: Efficiency. We deliver effective and fast FMEA implementation with simultaneously maximised product and process optimisation. This allows us to relieve your experts with good preparation in the analysis stages.

Risk analyses – Checking opportunities and risks

We understand the methods for achieving security for your company. We use risk analyses such as FMEA and FTA to spot and assess the potential consequences of project decisions. Successful risk management is an ongoing process for us. Our specialists cyclically process all of the important main process stages:

  • Identification
  • Analysis and evaluation
  • Determining measures
  • Follow-up and guidance of risk measures

With many years of experience at leading German car manufacturers and their suppliers, we at QMH are your specialists.

Your FMEA by QMH

We work with your experts at eye level. Analytical methods such as FMEA or FTA are applied in practice to your individual corporate and industry standards.

As insider engineers, experts in VDA topics, practitioners with many years of expertise in the automotive industry, we know the different processes with their risk potential.




Q : What are the essential steps of an FMEA?

Key steps include identifying, analyzing, evaluating, defining measures to reduce risk, and monitoring risk measures.

Q : What are the goals of an FMEA by QMH?

Our goal is not only to minimize your risks and increase safety – but to permanently eliminate causes and thus to support your progress.

Q : For which areas is it suitable?

Components, processes (including product creation processes), functional safety and product safety as well as software systems.

Q : What is the purpose of the FMEA harmonization?

Previously, the books differed on key points such as risk assessment, etc. This meant, among other things, considerable additional expenses for suppliers with European and American customers. After long tug-of-war between the interest groups, the members of the working group have agreed on the harmonized FMEA as a handbook. Thanks to it, for example, there are joint evaluation catalogs according to VDA / AIAG.

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