Product Development Process

Product Development Process

Maturity level assurance according to the VDA model


Now a crucial component in the product development process: the cooperation between car manufacturers and suppliers. The VDA therefore introduces the notion of maturity level, with the aim of making quality more controllable. Thus, for many companies and also QMH, process maturity across the entire supply chain is an important factor.

The focus of our specialists in maturity hedging is the implementation and protection of robust products and processes. We accompany your company with our RGA specialists and start with an actual analysis as well as the development of a company-specific RGA implementation strategy. Standardized online tools support our flanked action management, i.e. determination and controlling. Documentation and presentation of results including internal as well as external communication is a central part of our work at an RGA.

Risk analyses – Checking opportunities and risks

The right method at the right time.

Product development processes (PDPs) are extremely complex. Efficiently integrating risk management here requires a deep understanding of both areas. And consistently derived from this is the development of a clearly defined, structured and, above all, systematic approach.

Plan. Do. Check. Act.

The PDCA cycle is a basic principle here as well. The introduction, planning, and steering e.g. of a risk analysis, such as FMEA, only makes sense if it takes place in the right place at the right time. This way their results can flow into the PDP. You can see when and where that is as an example of our methodology in the graph.

Quality is everything. And yet, so much more.

Of course, the development process of your product from the initial idea to the shelf is not just about technical aspects. Costs, deadlines, and resources are at least as important and will be taken into account accordingly. Finally, delivery times, prices, and efficient use of energy and the like. Qualities for your reputation. And thus the foundation of your business success.


We integrate risk management systems into PDP from

  • Automotive and vehicle manufacturing
  • System and machine manufacturing
  • Energy and environmental economy
  • Medicine and pharmaceuticals
  • Chemistry

Product Development Process

Fixed rules and the introduction of round tables

We actively involve both the suppliers of maturity level critical components or services as well as the respective internal organization in the production process

Your advantage

Our specialists at QMH are thus able to detect errors early and thus increase their efficiency by reducing unproductive services and start-up, warranty, or accommodation costs.

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