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Performing audits is one of our fastest growing areas. Last year alone, we identified the quality capability of companies with more than 250 system, process, and supplier audits.

Our focus here is on the benefit for the audited company: the communication of improvements with suitable solutions from our 80 years of experience. We are concerned with the interaction of auditing and consulting and not just the mere identification “standards compliance.”

Audit Process + Audit Performance

We keep an eye on your internal auditors and the auditors of your suppliers. Based on ISO 19011, our experts assess your audits for efficiency, appropriateness, and effectiveness. Weak points or “over-audits” are analyzed and clearly named by us. In addition to the auditor and audit evaluation, we also gladly advise and train you or your employees – regardless of the evaluation – on this practical topic.

We make sure that your auditors meet the 19011 requirements. But more importantly, we identify solutions and approaches where your audits aren’t performed to meet standards requirements, but rather deliver real value in terms of internal processes and work results. “All at once, internal audits make sense” and are no longer perceived as a burden.

Process audits according to VDA 6.3

How can the quality capability of specific products or product groups be assessed? How can their processes be made more efficient and optimized? How do you create stability against disturbance variables in planning and production processes – and securely at that?

As audit specialists, we make expert knowledge available to you. Our 3rd party auditors carry out targeted process audits in accordance with VDA 6.3 and thus make a significant contribution to improving your processes at the company. Whether during a series production, a product or service creation process, or providing the corresponding service.

Process audits for service providers

By performing process audits according to VDA 6.3, we also support you in the qualification of suppliers and the evaluation of services. We analyze and evaluate the specific process requirements for your service company in the automotive industry: Car dealerships, workshops, engineering firms, or logistics companies.

Not only can we methodically carry out VDA 6.3 process audits in production, but we also have the manufacturing background for the evaluation of running processes. We are particularly pleased about process audits according to VDA 6.3 in development and planning, because this is where the real treasure for optimization potentials lie. Why you can trust our competences? It's very simple: Our auditors themselves have worked with the OEM and 1Tier in development and thus understand the crux of the matter.

System audits – Optimization for quality management

We conduct system audits for the systematic evaluation of your company. In doing so, we not only audit the conformity with standards such as ISO 13485:2016, IATF 16949: 2016, ISO 9001:2015, ISO27001:2017 or customer-specific requirements (CSRs such as Formel Q or MBST), but always focus on your processes and clarify what can be done better and where the greatest risks lie in your daily collaboration with customers. At QMH, we always develop individual solutions for you. In this way, we’re able to provide you with valuable input for improving and optimizing a quality management system and can always offer consulting on your daily practices based upon our knowledge. We also do IMS audits on request to be able to advise you even better.

With our auditors, the audits are becoming more than “just audits” and provide assessments of conformity, coupled with advice on possible improvements.

Together with our cooperation partners, we can also carry out Automotive SPICE© assessments at your business.

QMH Consulting DARiQS

Hazard and Risk Analysis

With the complexity of electrical/electronically-controlled products (E/E-products), the opportunities for errors and thus the requirements for functional safety (FuSI) and product safety also increase.

Be safe. And stay that way.

G+R not only provides you with the analysis of the current potential hazards, it also eliminates the causes of faults and makes the system safe. Above all, it also sustains this safe state. As part of the analysis, costs are reduced so that you have more freedom for your development processes.

Audits by QMH

We bring enough knowledge and experience with us and would like to share it with you. Besides a good audit atmosphere this is our greatest contentment.

With a lot of experience we can evaluate product development projects and audit project management as well as process. We can plan, execute and  follow-up valua-adding projects on the highest level.




Q : What does QMH offer for an internal audit process?

Internal audit processes can be carried out much faster when the procedure is fully planned and implemented. We take care of that for you. From audit planning throughout the year, audit implementation and action management to reporting to the organisation: we develop your entire audit process.

Q : Who will execute the audit?

The audit will be executed by one of our engineers who are certification auditors with long-time global expertise. They know the typial weak points in processes from their own experience. You can find further information about our auditos on our team page.

Q : How can I book an audit?

Feel free to fill in the form you can find below, shortly describing your request or simply contact us via E-Mail: kontakt@qmh-consulting.de. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Q : Where will the audit be executed?

A central contact from our team will be lookinf after your request and the planning to make sure that the relevant auditors on each subject will be on-site.



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