Systematically shaping the future.

How interdisciplinary quality management opens up new prospects.

We believe that being competitive requires the best possible processes. That's why we advise and support our customers large and small on all aspects of quality management. And keep working with you to think it through. And back again. And then outside the box. To be there by your side on a direct path to sustainable solutions for the future. We work with companies in all industries, but especially those active in automotive, medical technology, aviation, shipping, and wind power.

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QMH Concept

A company's strategy is always only as good as the processes which make it happen. That's why we don't view audits, the introduction of management systems, etc. in isolation, but always with an eye on the big picture: your goals. Comprehensive advice. From experts with real-world experience. To stay competitive in the future.

What we do for you

One of the most important instruments for achieving, maintaining, and improving quality standards in processes. In all areas, including production, supply chains, systems, product and process development, assessments (SPICE) and, of course, software and app development.

Auditing in all areas

This is not (just) about complying with standards. It's about your company delivering quality goods or services. And the instruments that can make them even better. One of our focus areas is the introduction of IATF 16949 and DIN ISO 9001:2015.

Quality Management Systems

Actually logical: if you don't know how something works, you can't make it work. Our trainers have decades of practical experience working with OEMs, service providers, and suppliers. And we're constantly out there learning more. For a wide range of practical and testing-relevant training courses.

Trainings at QMH

Those who combine practical industrial experience with sound expertise know where to find the processes, factors, and risks that are hidden in production lines. Which is why we can provide effective advice on analytical methods to manage risks successfully. As with audits, this naturally also applies to product and process development, supply chains, and business processes.

Automotive Risk Management

The advantages.

The good thing about QMH is that the team consists of insiders: engineers, business experts, and writers who have worked for clients like yours and know exactly when and where which shoe will pinch and how. In addition, several of them have contributed to the development of standards such as IATF 16949:2016, VDA 6.3 2016, and VDA/AIAG FMEA Harmonization.

The second good thing about us is that our business model is not based on billable hours. Instead, we focus on results. Those that we clearly define with you at the beginning of a project. And then achieve as efficiently as possible. German efficiency. Comes naturally to us.

And the third good thing: we think and work in an interdisciplinary manner. We always consider a task within your entire context and situation. In short, we do what is necessary to shape your future well and systematically.

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